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DispGraph Class Reference

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Inheritance graph
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Collaboration graph

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Public Member Functions

void _print (std::ostream &os, const GraphGC &gc) const
void _printHeader (std::ostream &os, const GraphGC &gc) const
void _printTrailer (std::ostream &os, const GraphGC &gc) const
void addHandler (unsigned type, HandlerProc proc, void *client_data=0)
bool alias (Widget w, int disp_nr, int alias_disp_nr)
void callHandlers ()
void clear ()
void cluster (DispNode *node, int cluster)
bool contains (int disp_nr) const
int count_all () const
int count_all (Displaying e) const
int count_selected () const
BoxPoint default_pos (DispNode *new_node, Widget w, int depends_on=0) const
bool del (int disp_nr)
void draw (Widget w, const BoxRegion &exposed, const GraphGC &gc) const
void draw (Widget w, const BoxRegion &exposed) const
void draw (Widget w) const
virtual Graphdup () const
DispNodefirst (MapRef &ref, Displaying e=Both) const
int first_nr (MapRef &ref, Displaying e=Both) const
GraphEdgefirstEdge () const
GraphNodefirstNode () const
GraphEdgefirstVisibleEdge () const
GraphNodefirstVisibleNode () const
DispNodeget (int disp_nr) const
int get_by_name (const string &name) const
int get_nr (BoxGraphNode *nodeptr) const
bool has_disabled () const
bool has_enabled () const
int insert (int disp_nr, DispNode *dn, int depends_on=0)
bool make_active (DispNode *node)
bool make_inactive (DispNode *node)
void makeEdgeFirst (GraphEdge *edge)
void makeEdgeLast (GraphEdge *edge)
void makeNodeFirst (GraphNode *node)
void makeNodeLast (GraphNode *node)
DispNodenext (MapRef &ref, Displaying e=Both) const
int next_nr (MapRef &ref, Displaying e=Both) const
GraphEdgenextEdge (GraphEdge *ref) const
GraphNodenextNode (GraphNode *ref) const
GraphEdgenextVisibleEdge (GraphEdge *ref) const
GraphNodenextVisibleNode (GraphNode *ref) const
virtual bool OK () const
void operator+= (GraphNode *node)
void operator+= (GraphEdge *edge)
void operator+= (const Graph &g)
void operator-= (GraphNode *node)
void operator-= (GraphEdge *edge)
void print (std::ostream &os, const GraphGC &gc=GraphGC()) const
void print_plots (const string &filename, const GraphGC &gc=GraphGC()) const
bool refresh_titles () const
BoxRegion region (const GraphGC &gc, bool selected_only=false) const
void removeHandler (unsigned type, HandlerProc proc, void *client_data=0)
bool unalias (int alias_disp_nr)
void uncluster (DispNode *node)

Static Public Attributes

static bool hide_inactive_displays = true

Protected Member Functions

void add_alias_edge (Widget w, int alias_disp_nr, GraphNode *from, GraphNode *to, EdgeAnnotation *anno)
void addEdges (GraphEdge *edges)
void addNodes (GraphNode *nodes)
void addUsedEdges (GraphEdge *edges)
BoxPoint adjust_position (DispNode *new_node, Widget w, BoxPoint pos, const BoxPoint &offset, BoxPoint grid) const
void delete_edge (GraphEdge *edge)
void delete_node (GraphNode *node)
GraphNodegetNode (GraphNode *node, const Graph &graph) const
bool haveEdge (GraphEdge *edge) const
bool haveNode (GraphNode *node) const
void removeEdge (GraphEdge *edge)
void removeNode (GraphNode *node)

Private Member Functions

void add_direct_alias_edge (Widget w, int alias_disp_nr, GraphNode *from, GraphNode *to, EdgeAnnotation *anno)
void add_edge (DispNode *from, DispNode *to)
void add_routed_alias_edge (Widget w, int alias_disp_nr, PosGraphNode *from, PosGraphNode *to, EdgeAnnotation *anno)
bool hint_positions_ok (Widget w, PosGraphNode *from, PosGraphNode *to, const BoxPoint &p1, const BoxPoint &p2) const
bool is_hidden (Widget w, const BoxPoint &p) const
void update_alias_edges (DispNode *node)

Static Private Member Functions

static void disp_node_disabledHP (void *, void *, void *)
static void find_hints_from (GraphNode *node, GraphNodePointerArray &hints)
static void find_hints_to (GraphNode *node, GraphNodePointerArray &hints)
static bool has_angle (PosGraphNode *node, const BoxPoint &p)
static BoxPoint rotate_offset (const BoxPoint &p, int angle)
static bool same_angle (const BoxPoint &r, const BoxPoint &p1, const BoxPoint &p2)

Private Attributes

HandlerList handlers
DispNodeMap idMap
bool no_disabled
bool no_enabled

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file DispGraph.h.

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