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DispNode Class Reference

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Inheritance graph
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Collaboration graph

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void _print (std::ostream &os, const GraphGC &gc) const
bool active () const
const stringaddr () const
bool alias_ok () const
Boxbox () const
void cluster (int target)
int clustered () const
bool constant () const
bool & constant ()
void copy_selection_state (const DispNode &src)
bool deferred () const
bool & deferred ()
const stringdepends_on () const
stringdepends_on ()
void disable ()
bool disabled () const
int disp_nr () const
 DispNode (int disp_nr, const string &name, const string &scope, const string &value, bool plotted)
virtual void draw (Widget w, const BoxRegion &exposed, const GraphGC &gc) const
void draw (Widget w, const BoxRegion &exposed) const
void draw (Widget w) const
GraphNodedup () const
void enable ()
bool enabled () const
GraphEdgefirstFrom () const
GraphEdgefirstTo () const
bool & hidden ()
bool hidden () const
MarkBoxhighlight () const
virtual const BoxRegionhighlightRegion (const GraphGC &gc) const
unsigned long id () const
bool is_user_command () const
virtual bool isHint () const
int last_change () const
int last_refresh () const
void make_active ()
void make_inactive ()
virtual void moveTo (const BoxPoint &newPos)
const stringname () const
GraphEdgenextFrom (GraphEdge *ref) const
GraphEdgenextTo (GraphEdge *ref) const
virtual bool OK () const
const BoxPointorigin (const GraphGC &gc) const
virtual BoxPoint originToPos (const BoxPoint &origin, const GraphGC &) const
bool & plotted ()
bool plotted () const
virtual const BoxPointpos () const
void print_plots (const string &filename, const GraphGC &gc=GraphGC()) const
bool redraw () const
bool & redraw ()
void refresh ()
virtual const BoxRegionregion (const GraphGC &) const
void reset ()
virtual void resize (const BoxSize &newSize)
const stringscope () const
void select (DispValue *dv=0)
bool & selected ()
bool selected () const
DispValueselected_value () const
virtual const BoxRegionsensitiveRegion (const GraphGC &gc) const
void set_addr (const string &new_addr)
void set_last_change (int value=0)
void set_last_refresh (int value=0)
bool set_title (bool set)
void setBox (Box *b)
void setHighlight (MarkBox *b=0)
const BoxSizespace (const GraphGC &gc) const
void uncluster ()
bool update (string &new_value)
string user_command () const
DispValuevalue () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void addHandler (unsigned type, HandlerProc proc, void *client_data=0)
static void removeHandler (unsigned type, HandlerProc proc, void *client_data=0)

Public Attributes

int alias_of
int count

Static Public Attributes

static bool(* MoveCB )(PosGraphNode *node, const BoxPoint &newPos) = Yes
static bool(* ResizeCB )(RegionGraphNode *node, const BoxSize &newSize) = Yes

Protected Member Functions

void center ()
 DispNode (const DispNode &node)
MarkBoxfind_mark (Box *dup, Box *src, Box *mark)
virtual void forceDraw (Widget w, const BoxRegion &exposed, const GraphGC &gc) const
virtual void refresh_plot_state () const
virtual string str () const

Static Protected Member Functions

static class TagBoxfindTagBox (const Box *box, DispValue *dv)

Static Protected Attributes

static HandlerList handlers

Private Member Functions

DispNodeoperator= (const DispNode &)

Private Attributes

bool myactive
string myaddr
int myclustered
bool myconstant
bool mydeferred
string mydepends_on
int mydisp_nr
int mylast_change
int mylast_refresh
string myname
bool myplotted
string myscope
bool saved_node_hidden

Static Private Attributes

static int tics = 0


class Graph
class GraphEdge

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file DispNode.h.

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