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DispValue Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

const stringaddr () const
Boxcached_box () const
int can_plot () const
DispValuechild (int i) const
void clear_box_cache ()
void collapse ()
void collapseAll (int depth=-1)
bool collapsed () const
int collapsedAll () const
void dereference (bool set=true)
bool dereferenced () const
string dereferenced_name () const
bool descendant_changed () const
DispValuedup () const
bool enabled () const
bool & enabled ()
void expand ()
void expandAll (int depth=-1)
bool expanded () const
int expandedAll () const
stringfull_name ()
const stringfull_name () const
bool & has_plot_orientation ()
bool has_plot_orientation () const
int height () const
int heightExpanded () const
bool is_changed () const
DispValuelink ()
bool member_names () const
const stringname () const
stringname ()
int nchildren () const
int nchildren_with_repeats () const
virtual bool OK () const
DispValueOrientation orientation () const
void plot () const
PlotAgentplotter () const
void print_plots (const string &filename, const PrintGC &gc=PostScriptPrintGC()) const
int & repeats ()
int repeats () const
void replot () const
void set_cached_box (Box *value)
void set_member_names (bool value)
void set_orientation (DispValueOrientation orientation)
void set_plot_state (const string &state="") const
bool structurally_equal (const DispValue *source) const
bool structurally_equal (const DispValue *source, const DispValue *source_descendant, const DispValue *&descendant) const
DispValueType type () const
void unlink ()
DispValueupdate (string &value, bool &was_changed, bool &was_initialized, DispValueType type=UnknownType)
DispValueupdate (DispValue *source, bool &was_changed, bool &was_initialized)
void validate_box_cache ()
const stringvalue () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void clear_type_cache ()
static string make_title (const string &name)
static DispValueparse (string &value, const string &name)

Static Public Attributes

static bool(* background )(int processed) = nop
static bool expand_repeated_values = false
static DispValue *(* value_hook )(string &value)

Protected Member Functions

void _collapse ()
void _expand ()
 DispValue (DispValue *parent, int depth, string &value, const string &full_name, const string &print_name, DispValueType type=UnknownType)
 DispValue (const DispValue &dv)
string normalize_base (const string &base) const
string num_value () const
DispValueparse_child (int depth, string &value, const string &name, DispValueType type=UnknownType)
DispValueparse_child (int depth, string &value, const string &full_name, const string &_print_name, DispValueType type=UnknownType)

Static Protected Member Functions

static DispValueparse (DispValue *parent, int depth, string &value, const string &full_name, const string &print_name, DispValueType type=UnknownType)
static bool sequence_pending (const string &value, const DispValue *parent)

Protected Attributes

int _links

Private Member Functions

void _plot (PlotAgent *plotter, int ndim) const
DispValue_update (DispValue *source, bool &was_changed, bool &was_initialized)
void assign (DispValue &dv)
bool can_plot1d () const
bool can_plot2d () const
bool can_plot3d () const
void clear ()
void clear_cached_box ()
void get_index_surroundings (string &prefix, string &suffix) const
string index (const string &prefix, const string &suffix) const
void init (DispValue *parent, int depth, string &value, DispValueType type=UnknownType)
DispValueoperator= (const DispValue &)
void plot1d (PlotAgent *plotter, int ndim) const
void plot2d (PlotAgent *plotter, int ndim) const
void plot3d (PlotAgent *plotter, int ndim) const

Static Private Member Functions

static string add_member_name (const string &base, const string &member_name)
static int index_base (const string &expr, int dim)
static void PlotterDiedHP (Agent *, void *, void *)
static bool starts_number (char c)

Private Attributes

int _cached_box_change
DispValueArray _children
bool _dereferenced
bool _has_plot_orientation
bool _have_index_base
int _index_base
bool _member_names
DispValueOrientation _orientation
string _value
bool changed
string myaddr
bool myenabled
bool myexpanded
string myfull_name
int myrepeats
DispValueType mytype
string print_name

Static Private Attributes

static int cached_box_tics = 0
static StringStringAssoc type_cache

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file DispValue.h.

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