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GDBAgent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void _hangup ()
void _kill (int sig=SIGKILL)
void _terminate ()
virtual void abort ()
void addHandler (unsigned type, AgentHandlerProc proc, void *client_data=0)
void addHandler (const Agent &a)
string address_expr (string expr) const
XtAppContext appContext () const
string args () const
string assign_command (const string &var, const string &expr) const
string attach_command (int pid, const string &file) const
bool beingTerminated () const
bool block_tty_input () const
bool block_tty_input (bool state)
bool buffer_gdb_output () const
bool buffer_gdb_output (bool val)
bool can_disable () const
bool can_enable () const
string cmd () const
virtual void commit ()
string condition_command (const string &bp, const string &expr) const
string condition_command (const string &bp, const char *expr) const
string debug_command (const char *file="", string args="") const
string debug_command (const string &file, string args="") const
string debugger () const
int default_index_base () const
string delete_command (string bp="") const
string dereferenced_expr (const string &expr) const
string detach_command (int pid) const
bool detect_echos (bool val)
bool detect_echos () const
string disable_command (string bp="") const
string disassemble_command (string start, const char *end="") const
string disassemble_command (const string &start, const string &end) const
string display_command (const char *expr="") const
string display_command (const string &expr) const
bool display_prints_values () const
void do_start (OAProc on_answer, OACProc on_answer_completion, void *user_data)
virtual Agentdup () const
string echo_command (const string &text) const
string enable_command (string bp="") const
bool ends_with_prompt (const string &answer)
bool ends_with_secondary_prompt (const string &answer) const
bool ends_with_yn (const string &answer) const
FILE * errorfp () const
int flush ()
bool flush_next_output () const
bool flush_next_output (bool val)
string frame_command (int number) const
string frame_command () const
string func_command () const
 GDBAgent (const GDBAgent &gdb)
 GDBAgent (XtAppContext app_context, const string &gdb_call, DebuggerType type, unsigned nTypes=GDBAgent_NTypes)
int & hangupTimeOut ()
int hangupTimeOut () const
bool has_addproc_command () const
bool has_addproc_command (bool val)
bool has_array_braces () const
bool has_assign_command () const
bool has_attach_command (bool val)
bool has_attach_command () const
bool has_breakpoint_commands () const
bool has_breakpoint_conditions () const
bool has_cd_command () const
bool has_classes () const
bool has_clear_command () const
bool has_clear_command (bool val)
bool has_condition_command () const
bool has_conditions () const
bool has_cont_sig_command () const
bool has_cont_sig_command (bool val)
bool has_core_files () const
bool has_debug_command () const
bool has_debug_command (bool val)
bool has_delete_command () const
bool has_disable_command () const
bool has_disable_display_command () const
bool has_display_command () const
bool has_display_command (bool val)
bool has_edit_command () const
bool has_edit_command (bool val)
bool has_enable_command () const
bool has_enable_display_command () const
bool has_err_redirection () const
bool has_err_redirection (bool val)
bool has_examine_command () const
bool has_examine_command (bool val)
bool has_exec_files () const
bool has_file_command () const
bool has_file_command (bool val)
bool has_frame_command (bool val)
bool has_frame_command () const
bool has_func_command () const
bool has_func_command (bool val)
bool has_givenfile_command () const
bool has_givenfile_command (bool val)
bool has_handler_command (bool val)
bool has_handler_command () const
bool has_ignore_command () const
bool has_info_display_command () const
bool has_jump_command (bool val)
bool has_jump_command () const
bool has_make_command () const
bool has_make_command (bool val)
bool has_named_values () const
bool has_named_values (bool val)
bool has_numbered_breakpoints () const
bool has_numbered_displays () const
bool has_output_command () const
bool has_output_command (bool val)
bool has_print_r_option () const
bool has_print_r_option (bool val)
bool has_processes () const
bool has_pwd_command () const
bool has_pwd_command (bool val)
bool has_quotes () const
bool has_redirection () const
bool has_redisplaying_undisplay () const
bool has_regs_command () const
bool has_regs_command (bool val)
bool has_rerun_command () const
bool has_rerun_command (bool val)
bool has_run_io_command () const
bool has_run_io_command (bool val)
bool has_scalars () const
bool has_setenv_command () const
bool has_setenv_command (bool val)
bool has_shell_command () const
bool has_system_calls () const
bool has_temporary_breakpoints () const
bool has_typed_pointers () const
bool has_typed_structs () const
bool has_volatile_breakpoints () const
WatchMode has_watch_command () const
WatchMode has_watch_command (WatchMode val)
bool has_when_command () const
bool has_when_command (bool val)
bool has_when_semicolon () const
bool has_when_semicolon (bool val)
bool has_where_h_option (bool val)
bool has_where_h_option () const
bool hasHandler (unsigned type) const
void hasNewStatus (int status)
string history_file () const
string ignore_command (const string &bp, int count) const
string index_expr (const string &expr, const string &index) const
string info_args_command () const
string info_display_command () const
string info_locals_command () const
FILE * inputfp () const
bool is_exception_answer (const string &answer) const
bool is_ladebug () const
bool is_windriver_gdb () const
bool is_windriver_gdb (bool val)
bool isReadyWithPrompt () const
bool isSunDBX () const
string jump_command (const string &pc) const
string kill_command () const
int killTimeOut () const
int & killTimeOut ()
int lastStatus () const
string make_command (const string &target) const
const stringmaster_tty () const
string member_separator () const
void munch_value (string &value, const string &var) const
string name () const
string nop_command (const char *comment="") const
string nop_command (const string &comment) const
virtual bool OK () const
FILE * outputfp () const
const stringpath () const
pid_t pid () const
string print_command (const char *expr="", bool internal=true) const
string print_command (const string &expr, bool internal=true) const
string program () const
ProgramLanguage program_language (string text)
ProgramLanguage program_language (ProgramLanguage val)
ProgramLanguage program_language () const
const stringprompt () const
string pwd_command () const
string quote_file (const string &file) const
bool recording () const
bool recording (bool val)
string regs_command (bool all=true) const
string relative_frame_command (int offset) const
void removeAllHandlers ()
void removeAllHandlers (unsigned type)
void removeHandler (unsigned type, AgentHandlerProc proc, void *client_data=0)
bool requires_script_indent () const
bool rerun_clears_args () const
bool rerun_clears_args (bool val)
string rerun_command () const
string run_command (string args) const
bool running ()
bool send_qu_array (const StringArray &cmds, const VoidArray &qu_datas, int qu_count, OQACProc on_qu_array_completion, void *qa_data, bool &qa_data_registered)
bool send_user_cmd (string cmd, void *user_data=0)
bool send_user_cmd_plus (const StringArray &cmds, const VoidArray &qu_datas, int qu_count, OQACProc on_qu_array_completion, void *qa_data, bool &qa_data_registered, string user_cmd, void *user_data=0)
bool send_user_ctrl_cmd (const string &cmd, void *user_data=0)
void set_exception_state (bool state)
string shell_command (const string &cmd) const
virtual void shutdown ()
string signal_command (int sig) const
const stringslave_tty () const
const char * slave_tty_c () const
virtual void start ()
void start_plus (OAProc on_answer, OACProc on_answer_completion, void *user_data, const StringArray &cmds, const VoidArray &user_datas, int qu_count, OQACProc on_qu_array_completion, void *qa_data, bool &qa_data_registered)
virtual void terminate (bool onExit=false)
int terminateTimeOut () const
int & terminateTimeOut ()
const stringtitle () const
DebuggerType type () const
bool verbatim (bool val)
bool verbatim () const
virtual void wait ()
bool wants_delete_comma (bool val)
bool wants_delete_comma () const
bool wants_display_comma () const
string watch_command (const string &expr, WatchMode w=WATCH_CHANGE) const
string whatis_command (const string &expr) const
string where_command (int count=0) const
int write (const string &data)
virtual int write (const char *data, int length)
int write_cmd (const string &cmd)

Static Public Member Functions

static void split_perl_var (const string &var, string &prefix, string &package, string &name)

Static Public Attributes

static AgentManager runningAgents

Protected Types

enum  State { ReadyWithPrompt, BusyOnCmd, BusyOnQuArray, BusyOnInitialCmds }

Protected Member Functions

virtual int _readError (const char *&data)
virtual int _readInput (const char *&data)
void addDefaultHandler (unsigned type)
bool blocking_tty (FILE *fp) const
void callHandlers (int type, void *call_data=0)
virtual void callHandlersWhenIdle (int type, void *call_data=0)
void clearHandlers ()
virtual void closeChannel (FILE *fp)
virtual void dispatch (int type, const char *data, int length)
virtual void errorEOF ()
virtual void executeChild ()
AsyncAgentHandler handler (unsigned type) const
void handlerChange ()
XtInputId id (unsigned type) const
virtual void inputEOF ()
bool inputIsTerminal () const
virtual bool isIdle ()
bool onTerminal () const
virtual int open_tty (const char *tty, int flags=O_RDWR)
bool outputIsTerminal () const
virtual void readAndDispatchError (bool expectEOF=false)
virtual void readAndDispatchInput (bool expectEOF=false)
int readError (const char *&data)
int readInput (const char *&data)
virtual void restoreParentIO ()
AsyncAgentHandler setHandler (unsigned type, AsyncAgentHandler handler=0)
virtual int setupChildCommunication ()
virtual int setupCommunication ()
virtual int setupParentCommunication ()
void trace (const char *prefix, void *call_data) const
virtual bool tty_ok (const char *tty)
virtual void waitToTerminate ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static string append_suffix (const string &expr, const string &suffix)
static string append_suffix (const string &expr, const char *suffix)
static void defaultHandler (Agent *source, void *client_data, void *call_data)
static void DiedHP (Agent *, void *, void *)
static void InputHP (Agent *, void *, void *)
static void munch_perl_array (string &value, bool hash)
static void munch_perl_scalar (string &value)
static void PanicHP (Agent *, void *, void *)
static string prepend_prefix (const char *prefix, const string &expr)
static string prepend_prefix (const string &prefix, const string &expr)
static void StrangeHP (Agent *, void *, void *)
static void traceErrorHP (Agent *, void *, void *)
static void traceInputHP (Agent *, void *, void *)
static void traceOutputHP (Agent *, void *, void *)

Protected Attributes

FILE * _errorfp
FILE * _inputfp
FILE * _outputfp
string _path
string complete_answer
HandlerList handlers
State state

Private Member Functions

void cut_off_prompt (string &answer) const
void handle_died ()
void handle_echo (string &answer)
void handle_input (string &answer)
void handle_more (string &answer)
void handle_reply (string &answer)
void init_qu_array (const StringArray &cmds, const VoidArray &qu_datas, int qu_count, OQACProc on_qu_array_completion, void *qa_data)
void normalize_address (string &addr) const
void normalize_answer (string &answer) const
GDBAgentoperator= (const GDBAgent &)
string requires_reply (const string &answer)
void strip_control (string &answer) const
void strip_dbx_comments (string &answer) const

Private Attributes

bool _buffer_gdb_output
bool _detect_echos
bool _flush_next_output
bool _has_addproc_command
bool _has_attach_command
bool _has_clear_command
bool _has_cont_sig_command
bool _has_debug_command
bool _has_display_command
bool _has_edit_command
bool _has_err_redirection
bool _has_examine_command
bool _has_file_command
bool _has_frame_command
bool _has_func_command
bool _has_givenfile_command
bool _has_handler_command
bool _has_jump_command
bool _has_make_command
bool _has_named_values
bool _has_output_command
bool _has_print_r_option
bool _has_pwd_command
bool _has_regs_command
bool _has_rerun_command
bool _has_run_io_command
bool _has_setenv_command
WatchMode _has_watch_command
bool _has_when_command
bool _has_when_semicolon
bool _has_where_h_option
bool _is_windriver_gdb
OAProc _on_answer
OACProc _on_answer_completion
OQACProc _on_qu_array_completion
ProgramLanguage _program_language
void * _qa_data
int _qu_count
void * _qu_data
VoidArray _qu_datas
bool _recording
bool _rerun_clears_args
DebuggerType _type
void * _user_data
bool _verbatim
bool _wants_delete_comma
StringArray cmd_array
StringArray complete_answers
int echoed_characters
bool exception_state
string last_prompt
string last_written
int qu_index
bool questions_waiting

Detailed Description

Definition at line 143 of file GDBAgent.h.

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