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string Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

subString after (int pos)
subString after (const string &x, int startpos=0)
constSubString after (char c, int startpos=0) const
constSubString after (const regex &r, int startpos=0) const
subString after (const subString &x, int startpos=0)
subString after (const char *t, int startpos=0)
subString after (char *t, int startpos=0)
subString after (char c, int startpos=0)
subString after (const regex &r, int startpos=0)
constSubString after (int pos) const
constSubString after (const string &x, int startpos=0) const
constSubString after (const constSubString &x, int startpos=0) const
constSubString after (const char *t, int startpos=0) const
constSubString after (char *t, int startpos=0) const
void alloc (int newsize)
int allocation () const
subString at (char c, int startpos=0)
subString at (const regex &r, int startpos=0)
subString at (int pos, int len)
subString at (char *t, int startpos=0)
constSubString at (int pos, int len) const
constSubString at (const string &x, int startpos=0) const
constSubString at (const constSubString &x, int startpos=0) const
constSubString at (const char *t, int startpos=0) const
constSubString at (char *t, int startpos=0) const
constSubString at (char c, int startpos=0) const
constSubString at (const regex &r, int startpos=0) const
subString at (const char *t, int startpos=0)
subString at (const subString &x, int startpos=0)
subString at (const string &x, int startpos=0)
subString before (int pos)
subString before (const string &x, int startpos=0)
subString before (const subString &x, int startpos=0)
subString before (const char *t, int startpos=0)
subString before (char *t, int startpos=0)
subString before (char c, int startpos=0)
subString before (const regex &r, int startpos=0)
constSubString before (int pos) const
constSubString before (const string &x, int startpos=0) const
constSubString before (const constSubString &x, int startpos=0) const
constSubString before (const char *t, int startpos=0) const
constSubString before (char *t, int startpos=0) const
constSubString before (char c, int startpos=0) const
constSubString before (const regex &r, int startpos=0) const
void capitalize ()
const char * chars () const
bool consuming () const
void consuming (bool set)
bool contains (char c) const
bool contains (const string &y) const
bool contains (const subString &y) const
bool contains (char *t) const
bool contains (const regex &r) const
bool contains (char c, int pos) const
bool contains (const string &y, int pos) const
bool contains (const subString &y, int pos) const
bool contains (const char *t) const
bool contains (const char *t, int pos) const
bool contains (char *t, int pos) const
bool contains (const regex &r, int pos) const
void del (int pos, int len)
void del (const string &y, int startpos=0)
void del (const subString &y, int startpos=0)
void del (const char *t, int startpos=0)
void del (char *t, int startpos=0)
void del (const regex &r, int startpos=0)
void del (char c, int startpos=0)
void downcase ()
char elem (int i) const
bool empty () const
void error (const char *msg) const ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN
char firstchar () const
int freq (char c) const
int freq (const subString &y) const
int freq (const char *t) const
int freq (char *t) const
int freq (const string &y) const
subString from (char c, int startpos=0)
subString from (int pos)
constSubString from (const string &x, int startpos=0) const
subString from (const char *t, int startpos=0)
subString from (const subString &x, int startpos=0)
subString from (const regex &r, int startpos=0)
constSubString from (const char *t, int startpos=0) const
subString from (char *t, int startpos=0)
constSubString from (int pos) const
constSubString from (const constSubString &x, int startpos=0) const
constSubString from (char *t, int startpos=0) const
constSubString from (char c, int startpos=0) const
constSubString from (const regex &r, int startpos=0) const
subString from (const string &x, int startpos=0)
int gsub (char *pat, const char *repl)
int gsub (const string &pat, const string &repl)
int gsub (const subString &pat, const string &repl)
int gsub (const char *pat, const char *repl)
int gsub (const char *pat, char *repl)
int gsub (char *pat, const string &repl)
int gsub (char *pat, char *repl)
int gsub (const char *pat, const string &repl)
int gsub (const regex &pat, const string &repl)
int index (const subString &y, int startpos=0) const
int index (char *t, int startpos=0) const
int index (const regex &r, int startpos=0) const
int index (const string &y, int startpos=0) const
int index (const char *t, int startpos=0) const
int index (char c, int startpos=0) const
char lastchar () const
unsigned int length () const
bool matches (char c, int pos=0) const
bool matches (const string &y, int pos=0) const
bool matches (const subString &y, int pos=0) const
bool matches (char *t, int pos=0) const
bool matches (const char *t, int pos=0) const
bool matches (const regex &r, int pos=0) const
bool OK () const
stringoperator+= (const subString &y)
stringoperator+= (const string &y)
stringoperator+= (const char *t)
stringoperator+= (char *t)
stringoperator+= (char c)
stringoperator+= (const constSubString &y)
stringoperator= (std::ostringstream &os)
stringoperator= (char c)
stringoperator= (char *y)
stringoperator= (const string &y)
stringoperator= (const char *y)
stringoperator= (const subString &y)
stringoperator= (const constSubString &y)
char & operator[] (unsigned int i)
char operator[] (long i) const
char & operator[] (short i)
char & operator[] (long i)
char & operator[] (unsigned short i)
char operator[] (unsigned short i) const
char & operator[] (char i)
char & operator[] (unsigned long i)
char operator[] (int i) const
char operator[] (unsigned long i) const
char operator[] (char i) const
char operator[] (short i) const
char & operator[] (int i)
char operator[] (unsigned int i) const
stringprepend (char *t)
stringprepend (char c)
stringprepend (const constSubString &y)
stringprepend (const subString &y)
stringprepend (const char *t)
stringprepend (const string &y)
void reverse ()
 string (const char *t)
 string (const char *t, int len)
 string (char c)
 string (const subString &x)
 string (std::ostringstream &os)
 string (const constSubString &x)
 string (const string &x)
subString through (char *t, int startpos=0)
constSubString through (char *t, int startpos=0) const
constSubString through (const constSubString &x, int startpos=0) const
constSubString through (char c, int startpos=0) const
subString through (char c, int startpos=0)
subString through (const subString &x, int startpos=0)
subString through (const string &x, int startpos=0)
subString through (const char *t, int startpos=0)
constSubString through (const regex &r, int startpos=0) const
constSubString through (const char *t, int startpos=0) const
constSubString through (const string &x, int startpos=0) const
subString through (const regex &r, int startpos=0)
constSubString through (int pos) const
subString through (int pos)
void upcase ()

Protected Member Functions

int _gsub (const char *, int, const char *, int)
int _gsub (const regex &, const char *, int)
constSubString _substr (int, int) const
subString _substr (int, int)
int match (int, int, int, const char *, int=-1) const
int search (int, int, const char *, int=-1) const
int search (int, int, char) const

Protected Attributes


Private Member Functions

stringoperator= (int)
 string (int)


string capitalize (const string &x)
void cat (const string &, const string &, string &)
void cat (const string &, const subString &, string &)
void cat (const char *, const char *, string &)
void cat (const char *, char *, string &)
void cat (const string &, char, string &)
void cat (const char *, char, string &)
void cat (const subString &, const string &, string &)
void cat (char *, const string &, string &)
void cat (const string &, const constSubString &, string &)
void cat (const subString &, const subString &, string &)
void cat (char *, const subString &, string &)
void cat (char *, const char *, string &)
void cat (const subString &, const char *, string &)
void cat (char *, char *, string &)
void cat (char *, char, string &)
void cat (char, char, string &)
void cat (char, char *, string &)
void cat (char, const char *, string &)
void cat (char, const subString &, string &)
void cat (const string &, const char *, string &)
void cat (const subString &, char *, string &)
void cat (char, const string &, string &)
void cat (const subString &, char, string &)
void cat (const string &, char *, string &)
void cat (const char *, const string &, string &)
void cat (const char *, const subString &, string &)
string common_prefix (const string &x, const string &y, int startpos=0)
string common_suffix (const string &x, const string &y, int startpos=-1)
class constSubString
string downcase (const string &x)
string join (const string *src, int n, const string &sep)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &s, const subString &x)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &s, const string &x)
std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &s, string &x)
int readline (std::istream &s, string &x, char terminator= '\n', int discard_terminator=1)
string replicate (const string &y, int n)
string replicate (char c, int n)
string reverse (const string &x)
int split (const string &x, string *res, int maxn, const string &sep)
int split (const string &x, string *res, int maxn, const regex &sep)
class subString
string upcase (const string &x)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 548 of file strclass.h.

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